Centerfire Rifle Match Results Mar 2018

Left to Right:

  • 200 yards Open Class score (50) and 100 yard Sporter class Plaque winner-score (48) Jamie Compton
  • Semi Auto cash class 100 yard Mason Whitaker score (49) with an AR 15 great shooting Mason
  • Sydney Combs (Missing his wife) 🤪
  • Mike Snedegar 100 yard Factory Heavy Barrel score (48) 100 yard semi auto plaque class score (47)
  • Luke Pierce youngest shooter today shot very competitive great shooting
  • Sarah Pierce winner of 100 yard sporter cash class yep she beat her Dad!!!  Great shooting Sarah
  • Jim Pierce Senior Shooter

Thanks to PAUL Baxter for scoring the targets.

Have a great day may God Bless,
James Compton