MCFGC July ABRA Match 7/27

The July ABRA Match will be Saturday, July 27th starting at 7pm and under the lights. This match is for semi-auto and bolt action .22’s.

Cost is $20 for adults($5.00 per target) and youth shoot free. (Youth are designated as shooters who are ages 7 to 16 and shooters under 12 need an adult to accompany them while shooting)

This match is shot from a concrete bench while seated at 50 yards. 

These rifle matches are for .22 LR, with four(4) different classes to register in.

Factory Semi Auto– Any factory .22 semi-auto rifle with any scope shot off a bi-pod or front bag and rear bag. Must be a factory barrel with factory markings and factory stock. 

Custom or unlimited Semi Auto– Any scope or barrel diameter and any stock and one piece rest allowed. Any modifications to the action and custom barrels allowed.

Light barrel bolt action guns– Any bolt action .22, with any scope and modification and one piece or 2 piece rest or bipod and bag allowed. (Barrel tuners not allowed)

Heavy barrel bolt action guns– Any bolt action .22, with any scope and modification and one piece or 2 piece rest or bipod and bag allowed. (Barrel tuner allowed)

Thank you,
Whitney Adams
MCFGC Secretary/Treasurer

MCFGC July .22 LR Sucker Match

Results for the Sucker match on June 14, 2024

Factory Class:
Round one: three shooters got all 10 and went to the next round
Ann Tucker
Mike Shields
Joe Jarrell

Round two
Ann Tucker 10/10
Mike Shields 10/10
Joe Jarrell 9/10

Round three
Ann Tucker 10/10   first place
Mike Shields 9/10 second place

Not enough guns entered for custom category. 


On Friday, July 19th at 6:30 pm the club will hold a .22 L.R. sucker match with 2 classes ….factory and custom.

FACTORY rifles. Any 22 rifle which is basically unmodified and with a MSRP of under $1000.00. Excluded will be custom barrels and stocks, but any trigger or replacement and any optic allowed. Also excluded from factory class are the 40-x, Vudoo, Kimber, Cooper or semi custom rifles. Use any ammunition that your rifle likes. Shooters can look to the American Rimfire Association rulebook on-line for the Factory definition.

Factory will be shot at 50 yards and sandbags or bipod should be used. No one piece rests.

Custom rifles. Any custom built 22lr rifle or any rifle excluded from factory rifle. This class will be shot at 100 yards. 

Each shooter will be given a paper target to sight-in before each match and a shooter can shoot both classes if the shooter chooses. Blow-Pop and Dum-Dum suckers will be the match targets.

There will be a $10.00 fee for each rifle shot with $5.00 going to the club and the rest will be payout to the shooters.

Youth shooters are welcome but must be accompanied by a supervising adult. 

These matches are a lot of fun and hope to see you there. 

Any questions, please contact:
Joe Jarrell 859 361-0509

Thank you,
Whitney Adams
MCFGC Secretary/Treasurer

July Pistol Match Registration

Good evening,

The July Pistol match will be Saturday, July 6th. Some details below:

  • Registration will open Saturday, June 29th @8AM. Registration closes Friday, July 5th @9PM.
  • If for some reason a member goes to register and it says $20.00, please do not pay. Let me know that you are experiencing this issue and I will get it corrected for you.
  • All shooters should find Whitney upon arrival to check in. Any new shooter, meaning they have never shot a Steel Challenge match before, needs to be at the range by 9:25am. Please let Whitney know when you go to check in.
  • MCFGC is a family, youth oriented, and respectful club. Recent reports of PROFANITY during matches is disturbing and very unwelcome. We hear it on TV, the internet, and other areas of our lives. Our matches are one place of refuge that you will NOT hear it. We have many juniors, ladies, and others that attend our matches. IF YOU CANNOT LEAVE YOUR UNWELCOME LANGUAGE AT HOME, PLEASE STAY HOME!!
  • For the safety of our members and guests, we are shutting down the long rifle range during the match time. 
  • The match will be 6 stages (make sure you bring plenty of drinks/snacks to replenish yourself throughout the match, Safety first!!)
  • Please arrive by 9:15am to help setup and sign-in. Sign-in with Whitney first thing, then you can help set up and prepare for the match.
  • Safety briefing is at 9:45am, match starts at 10am. (YOU MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE SAFETY BRIEFING TO SHOOT IN THE MATCH)
  • Everyone must register through Practiscore with the link below. If you have not made a Practiscore account, it is easy to do and only asks a couple of questions. You will pay for the match online through Practiscore.
  • No one will be able to sign up for the match that morning and there will be no money taken.
  • Don’t forget, you are able to enter preferred squad members. If you are with a group or if your guest is signing up for the match, please make sure they put your name in that box. We will try to accommodate these requests to the best of our abilities, but it is not guaranteed. 

Practiscore link below:

Thank you all for your continued support. We are looking forward to another great match!!!

Thank you,
Whitney Adams
MCFGC Secretary/Treasurer