MCFGC 22 LR Sucker Match

Tuesday 8-15-23 @ 6:30 pm.

Get that 22 out of the closet and come out to shoot suckers at 50 and 100 yards. 2 classes so that everybody can participate. $ 10.00 per match with 50% payback and kids with parents under 16 years shoot free.

Factory: any factory built 22 with a mfsrp of $1000.00 or less. No semi customs such as Cooper, Kimber or Anschutz. Must have a magazine or fill tube. Shot at fifty yards. Decision on factory legality up to match organizers.

Custom: custom built 22’s or benchrest style. 100 yards

ALL RIFLES: All rifles must use front and rear bags or front bipod. No one piece rests. ANY optics either class. Will shoot Dum-Dums and Blo Pops. Shooters will be provided a paper target for sight-in first. Hearing and eye protection required. NRA range safety regs will be followed. Come out and enjoy a little shooting with your friends.

Thank you,
Whitney Adams
MCFGC Secretary/Treasurer

Calendar Updates

Please note the following calendar updates:

Thursdays – 4H practice each Thursday evening through the end of September. Ranges are closed except for the Rimfire Rifle Range that remains open.

4/29/23 – 4H muzzleloaders practice. Rifle range is closed 9am – 2 pm.

5/20/23 – Ranges are closed for 100 bird race.

2022 ABRA Match Dates

2022 Auto Bench Rest Association (ABRA) match dates have been added to the club calendar:

  • April 16 (Saturday), 4:00 pm, 4 targets (April 17 is Easter)
  • May 15 (Sunday), 4:00 pm, 4 targets
  • June 19 (Sunday), 4:00 pm, 4 targets
  • July 17 (Sunday), 4:00 pm, 4 targets
  • August 21 (Sunday), 4:00 pm, 4 targets
  • September 18 (Sunday), 4:00 pm, 4 targets
  • October 16 (Sunday), 2:00 pm, 6 targets (Club Tourney)

These matches are open to the public. Contact Joe Jarrell at (859) 361-0509 for questions.

Changes to Calendar – Rifle Matches

We have a few changes to the calendar regarding the Rifle Matches at the club.

  • The Fun Matches held on the 1st Tuesday of each month have been cancelled.¬†
  • The ABRA Rifle match to be held in September was moved to Sunday, Sept. 19th starting at 4pm.
  • The ABRA Rifle match to be held in October (which is also the Championship match) was moved to Sunday, Oct. 17th at 2pm.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Whitney Adams
MCFGC Secretary/Treasurer