MCFGC July .22 LR Sucker Match

Results for the Sucker match on June 14, 2024

Factory Class:
Round one: three shooters got all 10 and went to the next round
Ann Tucker
Mike Shields
Joe Jarrell

Round two
Ann Tucker 10/10
Mike Shields 10/10
Joe Jarrell 9/10

Round three
Ann Tucker 10/10   first place
Mike Shields 9/10 second place

Not enough guns entered for custom category. 


On Friday, July 19th at 6:30 pm the club will hold a .22 L.R. sucker match with 2 classes ….factory and custom.

FACTORY rifles. Any 22 rifle which is basically unmodified and with a MSRP of under $1000.00. Excluded will be custom barrels and stocks, but any trigger or replacement and any optic allowed. Also excluded from factory class are the 40-x, Vudoo, Kimber, Cooper or semi custom rifles. Use any ammunition that your rifle likes. Shooters can look to the American Rimfire Association rulebook on-line for the Factory definition.

Factory will be shot at 50 yards and sandbags or bipod should be used. No one piece rests.

Custom rifles. Any custom built 22lr rifle or any rifle excluded from factory rifle. This class will be shot at 100 yards. 

Each shooter will be given a paper target to sight-in before each match and a shooter can shoot both classes if the shooter chooses. Blow-Pop and Dum-Dum suckers will be the match targets.

There will be a $10.00 fee for each rifle shot with $5.00 going to the club and the rest will be payout to the shooters.

Youth shooters are welcome but must be accompanied by a supervising adult. 

These matches are a lot of fun and hope to see you there. 

Any questions, please contact:
Joe Jarrell 859 361-0509

Thank you,
Whitney Adams
MCFGC Secretary/Treasurer