Pistol Match Reminder

Saturday, January 5, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Remember that you must be present at SAFETY BRIEFING (10:00 AM SHARP) to be eligible to shoot the match.

– PISTOL RANGE CLOSES AT 9:00 AM to allow setup.
– Bring at least 150 rounds of ammo.
– Usually finished in 3 hours.
– Open to members and their friends.

Note to ALL SHOOTERS: must have eye and ear protection on range and EMPTY weapon is in a case, pistol pouch or gun rug and is never presented until safety officer in your squad gives you range command to load and make ready.

These are fun matches for our members and their friends.

Try to be at range by 9:30 AM to assist with setup and to sign in so we may begin promptly.

5TH Stage optional, free to match competitors and score does not count in match. We do this for fun and to expose our shooters to other shooting formats.  Bring your centerfire handgun and also your holster & mag carriers if you have them.

We will take entries for 2nd gun up to 20 entries. New Rimfire rifle divisions were very popular last month.

Match Fee $10.00 / gun

Mike Shields
Match Director
mcfgcinc.com – for additional information (directions etc.)

Safety area for malfunctions and function check. NO AMMO IN SAFETY AREA EVER!  You may load magazines and handle ammo anywhere on range but SAFETY AREA.

> CENTERFIRE Pistol – OPEN = 9mm or larger handgun with compensator, optic sight or both.
> CENTERFIRE Pistol – IRON = 9mm or larger handgun with iron sights.
> RIMFIRE Pistol – OPEN = .22LR handgun with compensator, optic sight or both.
> RIMFIRE Pistol – IRON = .22LR handgun with iron sights.
> RIFLE RIMFIRE – OPEN = .22LR RIFLE with compensator, optic sight or both.
> RIFLE RIMFIRE – IRON  = .22LR RIFLE with iron sights.
> PCC = Pistol Caliber Carbine – optic or iron sights.