***Safety Notice for the Pistol Ranges***

Please try to keep targets behind the Red paint on the walls. When targets are moved closer to the shelter, in front of the paint, the bullets will hit in the gravel and ricochet. The bullets go over the berm, tumbling toward the 200 yard berm. This could possibly injure our members, neighbors, and Rumpke workers. We cannot risk having someone injured!

We have cameras and we have seen a few members who have done this in the past. Please correct this issue or risk losing your privileges. This is a safety issue that has to be corrected immediately.

Please also make sure there is not another target stand behind the one you are shooting. Placing a stand directly in front of the other stand causes damage to the stand behind your target. We don’t want to replace target stands because they get shot in this manner.

Some members are leaving their paper targets after they finish shooting on the rifle range and the pistol range. Please remove your targets when you are finished shooting. The wind blows hard on the range and will blow them off the stands, creating trash for someone else to deal with. We want to keep our range clean and neat. So please do not leave something for another member to pick up or remove.

Thank you,
The Officers of MCFGC